Triangle stamps

Many triangular stamps have been issued. Most people do not realise that there exist so many triangular stamps. The most famous are the Cape of good Hope triangles. The Cape triangles were the first triangular shaped stamps, so the Post Office sorters could easily recognise Cape stamps. Many other countries have issued triangular stamps since then. The collection shows you the triangular stamps of Cape of Good Hope. Designer of the stamps was Charles Bell, surveyor General and were printed by Perkins Bacon in London. The so called woodblocks engraved on steel by C.J. Roberts printed from stereotyped plates by Saul Solomon and Co in Cape Town. These stamps were printed in Cape Town because the supply of stamps was almost exhausted at the beginning of Januari 1861. The issue from 1863/1864 is the socalled second printing. They were printed by De La Rue from the plates that had been engraved by Perkins-Bacon and used for printing the first issue.